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Standing Seam Roof

STANDING SEAM ROOF. A weather- resistant roof is basic in the longevity and comfort of a structure, regardless of its age, size, or design. The roof of any structure is designed primarily to shed water, protect from the sun, and keep out any element that would destroy the structure underneath. Historically, the roof imparts much […]

Hardwood vs. Tile Flooring

  Consider these two floor types. One is true hardwood that has been refinished with a custom stain to provide a very warm tone that says, ” Ahh…home at last”. This warm color was selected throughout the entire home. The hardwood is Oak, 2-1.4 inch wide.

Granery Oak Engineered Flooring

Wow! The Old Dominion Building team is very excited that one of our projects will be installing an engineered floor using a reclaimed oak, called Granery Oak. This flooring has a very distressed look to provide a very warm and down home feel. We are very excited because this flooring is engineered, the application to […]