Let the Light Shine In

Bath with Sky Light
LOTS OF LIGHT. Light is one of Gods most incredible creations. When the Old Dominion Building Group design team meets with clients, lots of light is one of the most requested features desired in a home. I am not sure why, but in the design of many older homes, the kitchen is usually designed in the center of the home with no light, the bathrooms are in the corner of the bedroom with no light, the hallways have no light. It seems strange because man lives by light, our forefathers farmed and used every bit of daylight to make ends meet, yet home design did not follow this need.

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Granery Oak Engineered Flooring

Granery Oak Engineered FlooringWow! The Old Dominion Building team is very excited that one of our projects will be installing an engineered floor using a reclaimed oak, called Granery Oak. This flooring has a very distressed look to provide a very warm and down home feel. We are very excited because this flooring is engineered, the application to the subfloor will be with adhesive. A bit faster than nailing it will be glued down on slab with no hitches and provide forever beauty. What is even more fantastic is that because this is reclaimed wood, no new trees have been taken down–this is GREEN and recycled for a new owner to care for, and it has a unique history backing it up!

Attached is a photo of this beautiful sample piece provided by Mountain Lumber Company, Ruckersville, VA