Insulating Your Home

Spray Foam Insulation for your Home

Insulating your home from the Thief. The thief you say? I drove to work today not realizing how cold it really was until I saw the plumes of exhaust billowing from tails pipes. I started thinking about how warm my house is and the comforts of a what a wood stove has added to my my home. While that is romantic, infiltration of cold air though holes or gaps in the shell construction of your home can rob you comfort as you sense the home is never warm.

It may be time to consider an energy audit of your home to determine where your biggest losses of heat occur. If you are building or adding an addition to your home, it would be wise to consider insulation techniques that will provide you the most for energy conservation.

Spray foam technology is not new but smart homeowners are realizing dramatic advantages when they chose their contractors advice and used spray foam solely or a combination of spray foam and batt insulation. The spray foam fills all the nooks and crannies of the out side shell. This alone has a dramatic effect enhancing the r-value. The foam insulation should also provide a good sound barrier.

See the attached photos of a G&M new construction project where the client did just that.Wall Studs

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Spray Foam Insulation

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