Let the Light Shine In

Bath with Sky Light
LOTS OF LIGHT. Light is one of Gods most incredible creations. When the Old Dominion Building Group design team meets with clients, lots of light is one of the most requested features desired in a home. I am not sure why, but in the design of many older homes, the kitchen is usually designed in the center of the home with no light, the bathrooms are in the corner of the bedroom with no light, the hallways have no light. It seems strange because man lives by light, our forefathers farmed and used every bit of daylight to make ends meet, yet home design did not follow this need.

Personally, I LOVE WINDOWS, I LOVE SKYLIGHTS, I LOVE THE OUTDOORS. When you go through a home renovation think LIGHT. Ask your designer how they can bring more light into your home. Light will make your day be perfect.


Bedroom with Windows

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