• Exterior Eaves and Historical Restoration

    3 Story Historical Renovation in Arlington, VA
  • McCord Snook House Historical Renovations

    3 Story Historical Restoration Arlington, VA
  • McCord Snook House Before Renovations Began

  • Living Room Renovations

  • Kitchen Renovations

  • Great Room Renovations

    Great Room Kitchen Renovation in Historical Home
  • Metal Roof Used in Historical Restoration

Historical Home Renovation in Arlington, Virginia

3 Story addition was added to the rear of this home. A complete remodel of the interior enlarged living spaces and added new rooms to meet the needs of this growing family.

  • Project: 3 Story Historical Addition and Remodel
  • Address: 1410 N Hudson Street, Arlington, VA

More Info

The McCord Snook home in Arlington, VA, was originally built in 1910. This historical restoration and renovation project added a 3 story addition on the back which enlarged the kitchen, master suite basement and basement family room. The first floor included a mud room and powder room off of the new back porch. Extensive exterior renovations were also done to bring this home back to its original splendor and bring out the home’s original, colorful personality.