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Handyman Services in Northern VA

From custom carpentry to changing your lightbulbs...we do it all. Schedule an appointment for your handyman.

If you’d like a quote for a single household project or several, we’d be happy to talk to you. We do everything
from general maintenance to carpentry work to household improvements. Contact us for more information.

From Windows to Lightbulbs

Did you ever need help around the house and didn’t have anyone to call? Now you do! Old Dominion Handyman Service for any project large or small. Whether you are looking for custom carpentry, replacement window installation, hanging shelves, or changing your lightbulbs…we do it all!

  •  Warranties work for 90 days from date of completion
  • Use your own materials or we’ll provide them
  • Itemized bills so you know exactly what you’re being charged for
  • Quality workmanship

Old Dominion Building Group

  • Guaranteed

    Handyman service work warrantied for 90 days from date of completion

  • Trusted

    Trusted by Northern VA home owners

  • Quotes

    One time charge of $75 for on site quotes

  • Billed for Time & Material

    $120 for the first hour and $60 per additional man hour, rounded up to the nearest quarter hour, plus materials.

  • Overhead Markup

    20% will be applied to material provided by Old Dominion. You are welcome to provide your own materials.

  • 2nd Workman Requirements

    Projects that require the use of an extension ladder will require 2 workmen. 2nd Workman rate varies between $40-$60 per man per hour depending on skill level of the workman.

Handyman Services in Northern VA

N Lincoln Custom Kitchen Remodeling Project in N VA

Old Dominion Building Group offers a full range of Handyman services, large and small, for the residents of Northern Virginia. At an hourly rate of $120 for the first hour and $60 per additional hour, our fees are reasonable and affordable. Whether you have a large project or just a list of fix-its around the house, Old Dominion can get the job done.

Due to the expense incurred to have a handyman travel to your home, we require a 24-hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment, in case you need to cancel. If for any reason a 24-hour notice is not given, there will be a charge of $120 to offset the rescheduling expense of our workers. This is a non-refundable fee and will not applicable to future appointments. Payment is due upon receipt at the completion of your project.

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