• Exterior Renovations on a 1950’s Split Level

    1950's Split Level Remodel Fairfax, Virginia
  • Pop Top Mason Street Renovation

  • Rear Exterior 1950’s Split Level Project

  • 1950’s Pop Top Renovation Project

  • Renovated Kitchen

    Remodeled Kitchens in Northern Virginia
  • Family Room

  • Bedroom Remodel

  • Kitchen Renovation

  • Wood Burning Stove

  • 1950’s Split Level Bathroom Renovation

    Bathroom Renovation in 1950's Split Level Home
  • Artist Renderings 1950’s Split Level Renovation

1950s Split Level Home Remodel

1950’s Split level home remodel from Fairfax VA custom home builders.  Project included a three-story addition off the rear and extensive interior remodeling of the kitchen, baths, and living spaces.

  • Project: Major Addition and Remodel
  • Address: Mason Street, Fairfax, Virginia

More Info

This home featured in the City of Fairfax 2009 Historic Home Tours was described as “arguably one of the most eye-pleasing and seamless split-level transformations one can find today.